Kountze, Texas

November 21st 2001

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kountze, Texas 2001 United States, on thanks giving eve we went to town to pick up some last minute food for the next day to cook and on our way to his house it was just about dark out and as we were drivin I said what's that and he said I don't know. It was a very large long but wide shaped object falling from way above the sky and it was shouting across very fast as it was falling. It had red hot flames from the front to the back of it streaming from front to back and we still talk about it and there was never anything on the news or tv about it or any mention of it at all. I know what we saw was real and no one would ever tale to me about it. I have a very brawed mind and I don't beleive anything unless I see it with my own eyes and it was not a weather balloon or a satelight it was a rocket of some kind or a ship of some kind and it is going to drive me nuts until I find out the truth. Thank you for listening, you can call me if you want to discuss this matter seriously.

Date: Nov. 24th 2001 AT 9:27 pm

Approach Direction: From the south west

Departure Direction: Unknown

Witness Direction: North west ward

Description: Told above

Color/Shape: Silverish and redish orange

Height & Speed: Was not departing was entering

TV/Radio/Press: Was never on the news and we don't understand why, someone else had to of seen this it was to large


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