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UFO Sighting Report - USA

2002 : Kokomo, Indiana

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kokomo / Indiana / USA

Date: 2002

Approach Direction: NW of Kokomo

Departure Direction: ?????

Witness Direction: NW

Description: 2002 - My husband and I were in our hottub one evening. A bright object was viewed from our country home in NW area just outside of Kokomo...object appeared orangish in color with bright white flash. Object hovered for over an hour and it appeared that Grissom AFB fighter planes were circling object and area but keeping safe distance from object. Fighter planes appeared about 30 minutes after flash. In addition, another bright light appeared across the road and looked like a search light that was sweeping the corn fields. Very strange evening for my husband, myself, our two children, my husbands father and grandmother who came out to view.

2006 We are also seeing what appears to be lazers fired from Grissom AFB Jets that hit other jets and then look like flares. They are playing war games or something, but we can tell they are jets as we can clearly see their lights. Looks like they are playing lazer tag.

Color/Shape: Orange and White. Shape appeared round and then cloaked where you could see it's outline but couldn't really see could see the background of stars and where the object was was just black space so you knew it was still there.

Height & Speed: Can't tell.

TV/Radio/Press: Don't believe it was reported.