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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

2002 : Moose Lake Area, Minnesota

Moose Lake Area, Minnesota A Triangular Shape Hovering And Missing Time

Date: 2002
Time: 11:00 - 11:30 p.m.

I also wanted to pass along another thing that happened to me in 2002. I was on my way up to see a friend in Two Harbors, Mn. It was a Thursday night and I left the house at 10:00 p.m. I was about an hour and a half into the trip which put me up around the Moose Lake area. Being 11:30 p.m. on a Thursday night I was the only thing on the road. Up in the distance I could see what I thought to be an emergency vehicle on the shoulder. The closer I got I see it was up in the air off past the fence running along the highway. The object was around 200 feet off the ground and was a triangle shape. It had a light on each corner and they were alternating red, blue and green. There was also a dome shaped thing on the bottom that was also lit up and looked like mother of pearl.It looked like it was liquid and was mixing or oozing around in there.

I stopped the car on the shoulder and got out. I leaned on the roof of the car and watched it for what I would guess to be about 5 to 10 minutes. It then started to move off to the east and I got back in the car and continued on to my friends house. I should have arrived there at 12:30 a.m. or so. When I got there all the lights were off and I had to wake him. He came to the door and said "What the heck took you so long?" "Do you know what time it is?" He said."It's 2:30". I told him that I had not stopped anywhere except for a couple minutes to watch these strange lights. He just thought I was jerking his chain. I got back home on that Sunday and told my wife about the lights and drew her a picture of what I had observed.

She thought that it was pretty weird and folded the drawing up and put it in her jewelry box. Then in 2004 we had all kinds of crazy sightings as you know. I was on the internet and happened across Jerry Pippins web site and when I clicked on his area called UFO FILES. Up popped the same triangle thing I had seen. It's the same thing that Darrell Barker the police officer witnessed. The other night I was at the hotel my wife works at and happened to run into a lady that mentioned she is from the Moose Lake area. I couldn't help telling her about the sighting. She just smiled and told me that her husband was the Chief of Highway Patrol (retired). She went on to tell me that two officers had reported the same thing on the east side of the highway in 2002.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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