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UFO Sighting Report - USA

March 6th 2005 : Lakeside, California & 2002? : Barona Casino, near Lakeside, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Hello. This is the first time I have shared these memories with anyone outside my own tiny circle. I have experienced a large number of strange things in my life, but most of them I will not go into now.

I wanted to convey a story to you, to add to your collection. It may not be much, but here it is.

March 6th 2005 : Lakeside, California

First, let me go on record saying that my wife and I, in fact nearly everyone in our apartment complex, saw the same "orange egg-shaped craft" that the witness claimed to have seen on March 6, 2005. At the time, I was living on Mapleview Street, in Lakeside, which is near the Lakeside Fire Department Office, and diagonally across from the El Capitan High School. The object appeared in the sky at roughly 0100 hours, and hovered for a while before moving off (I do not recall exactly which direction). It was at such a distance that it looked more spherical, and less "egg-shaped". I did not get to see it split into parts or launch anything into the atmosphere.

I have lived most of my life in Lakeside, and have seen many strange things emanating from the hills between Wildcat Canyon Road and Moreno Road. This is not really part of my story, but I thought you might like to know, before I begin:

2002? : Barona Casino, near Lakeside, California

A few years before this, I was patrolling the parking lot of Barona Casino (possibly in 2002). At the time, I worked as a Security guard, on swing shift. It was approximately 2330 hours, and I was walking in the parking lot South of what is now the old casino. I was walking South, when my attention was inexplicably drawn towards the West (towards the hills I mentioned earlier). As I turned my head, I saw an enormous craft hovering over the hills. I say it was a craft, not because I could see it clearly, but because it blocked all light beyond it. As it passed, it covered the light from the stars in front of it, and the light from the stars behind became visible again. The craft was triangular in shape, with a point of light at each corner. There may have been more lights along the edge, but with the pollution from the lights in the parking lot, I cannot be too sure. The thing was utterly silent, and much larger than any aircraft I had ever seen, short of a dirigible or several jumbo jets tied together. It appeared to be hovering just above the hills (altitude approximated at 200 - 300 feet) and was moving at approximately 40-50 miles per hour. The closest edge/corner of the craft was approximately 500 - 600 feet away from my current position.

The object was visible to me for only about twenty seconds for, as I watched, it banked right and disappeared West, over the hills.

At first, I thought I was just imagining things. However, an unidentified Caucasian man pulled alongside me in his sedan and asked me, "What the hell was that?!"

I replied, "Excuse me?"

He said again, "What the hell was that thing?!"

All I could tell the man was that I did not know.

He confirmed it did not make a sound, and we speculated together for a few moments about what it could be before he drove home.

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