Osage Beach, Missouri

January 3rd 2002

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Osage Beach, Missouri, USA

Date: January 3, 2002

Approach Direction: Northwest

Departure Direction: Northwest

Witness Direction: North

Description: My friend Angie and myself were driving to a friend's house near Lake of the Ozarks General Hospital, in Osage Beach, MO when we saw a large cigar-shaped black object in the sky. Angie at first asked me what it was, and I said "well, I can tell you that that is not an airplane" - ha. We went down the road further, about a quarter of a mile, and I was able to tell that it has two blue lights in the very back, two yellow ones in the middle, and two red lights in the front, and a very bright beamed light on the very front. It disappeared right in front of me, and this was what really freaked me out. I did NOT want to stay at our friend's house, because it was so near by where the UFO had been, so we went to my house instead, in Eldon.

The UFO was really too large to have been an airplane or helicopter, nevertheless, we checked at the hospital, and they reported to us that their helicoper had not taken off all day.

I noticed another report of this on the site as well, and was glad that I was apparently not delusional about what I saw, because the person that reported their siting had the exact same description that we have of the UFO.

Color/Shape: Black, cigar-shaped, very large (larger than a jet plane)
 Two blue lights in the back, two yellow in the middle, and two red in the front underneath the craft
 One very bright beamed light in the front

Height & Speed: It appeared to be floating in mid-air, but moving very slowly, and not making any noise of any kind

TV/Radio/Press: I found a report of this on this site that matched my exact description


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