March 10th 2002
Time: Between 11.30pm - Midnight

Name: Stephen Crary

Approach Direction: Stationary

Departure Direction: N.W. Then a very sharp turn towards S.E. It was almost a perfect 180 degree

Witness_Direction: South, almost directly at the original location of the object.

Description: I'd like to start by saying, that reporting this makes me very nervous. You know, the "stigma" and all. I previously have been keeping notes on unusual and odd "sightings", so the following is a pasted exerpt from my notes. I kept notes because I never planned to publish or really share this info. The "co-worker" is actually my daughter, I'd prefer no mention of her.

This is a description of what two individuals saw returning home from work:

As usual we were on our way home from work on a Sunday evening.

We normally completed work at approximately 11:00 PM, and this night was no different from any other. About one third of the way home we always pass a series of empty farm fields. The fields are located on a nine mile stretch of road that has a few homes on it for the first half mile, and then not again until the last quarter mile. The fields are approximately at the half-way-point on this road, and to the left (drivers) side of the vehicle. The fields have very few trees, and they are all no taller than 40 feet high. The sky that night was perfectly clear of clouds from our view of the horizon, and the moon was about half phase and casting good light. As we came upon and then closer to a field, I noticed and watched a craft hover perfectly still above the ground at about 150 feet off the ground over the field, and about two hundred feet away from the roadside.

I wasn’t sure what I was seeing on my side of the car so I touched my counterparts shoulder, pointed, and asked what we were seeing. My counterpart described exactly what I was seeing. Now being captivated and almost parallel to the craft, we slowed to no more than fifteen miles per hour and started to pull over to the roadside. The craft was huge. I have seen many aircraft having grown up on Air Force bases and having been in the Navy myself.

I would say that I have literally seen most types of aircraft. And if one claims intelligence, publicly human known knowledge of aircraft dictates that a craft hovering in the only publicly known possible manner would make noise, and to fly through an atmosphere aerodynamics dictates that either stabilizers or wings are needed; all of which make noise.

I have never seen a craft similar to this one. The thing that most caught our attention was that when we were almost and then adjacent to the craft it was perfectly noiseless outside. No craft noise, just nothing, and no insect noise either. The vehicle we were in has a very good exhaust system so the car noise was low and normal. The only sounds were that of the vehicle, the slight breeze from passage, and my counterpart and I talking. Just as we were pulled over to the roadside, and getting ready to step out of the vehicle for a standing view, the “nose” of the craft slightly swung towards us only a few degrees and then away again as the craft slowly rose, and then began heading behind, over, and away from us from behind at about 40 degrees from our aft while increasing it’s speed. Just after it passed, a single red\orange-like (mind you, I am by no means color blind. It was required that I not be in my military job) light similar, or equal; only solid and steady, to a running light came on at the bottom center of the craft. But, still no sound at all from the craft. Let me regress just a tad. The crafts size was akin to that of a two story high building, triangle in shape with a slight upward v-shaped crest on top starting from the outer edges of the sides, the rest of the craft was 90 degree angle from the bottom and sides to the point where it started tapering to the v-crest atop. The overall length of the craft was 300-400 foot in length.

O.K., so now I hop back in my car and start on my way again.

As we pulled away and continued down the road, my counterpart kept an eye on the craft and it’s course. I was able to peek quick glances while my counterpart pointed and continued observing the craft. We observed, that after we pulled away, the craft continued on it’s last mentioned course at approximately 100 knots for almost ¾ NM then slowed abruptly and did a very sharp almost 180 degree turn and began picking up speed. Although it was night, like I said, we were able to see it fairly well even at the distances observed. When the craft reached what appeared to be about mach it suddenly veered up and shot up so fast it was gone almost the same instant. In final, I’ll say that the last reverse leg of it’s course was no more than 6NM and skies were clear of traffic and cloud as far as we could tell.

Color/Shape: Triangular, Black appearance

Height & Speed: as indicated in pasted details.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/020310.shtml