March 31st 2002

UFO over San Dimas, California

UFO captured in 4 images

Date: March 31 2002

Time: approx 6:00 pm

Location: San Dimas, California, USA

Magnified view of alleged UFO

Sighting description: I did not see the object until later in the evening while reviewing the pictures I had taken with my new digital camera. I was snapping a series of shots to put together a large landscape.

I have shown this image around to the newspaper and JPL and CAL POLY Pomona but they say that since I did not see it at the time or hear anything then there isn't much to go on - agreed. I still think the object in the shot is very typical of what is described as a "UFO" and believe it deserves to be posted for others to critque and not buried in my hard drive...

P.S. I have the four or five shots that are part of the series as well, these were all taken literally seconds apart

Aaron Eskridge

(witness granted permission to release name)

Thank you Aaron for your report and photos.

Received via online report form February 7, 2005.

Images are © Aaron Eskridge

Update February 9, 2005:

Barb, thank you for the image enhancements, I always assumed that the small white dot was a planet (Mars?)... After recalling the date I realized the date was March 31, 2002 (Easter Sunday)

Aaron Eskridge

Thank you Aaron!

NOTE: The original report with all images and 'video sequence' can be found at:http://www.nwsurc.com/ssr-04-32.htm

[UFOINFO thanks Barb Campbell and NWSURC for granting permission to use this report.]


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