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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June/July 2002 : Valencia, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Valencia, CA. U.S.A.

Date: the date I am not sure of but it was either june or july of 2002 and i wanna say it was the 14th ot 24th...

Approach Direction: It came from the north and moved south

Departure Direction: Straight up above me

Witness Direction: North to northeast

Description: I was standing on the hill behind my townhouse walking my dog...i had a friend with me, she was having an argument with her boyfriend on her phone, i was near the water tower behind the Montana Townhomes complex, just to the right and looking down toward Newhall Ranch Rd. It was still light out but near dusk...estimate around 6:30p.m. or 7p.m.. I started looking at it right away and thinking thats not a plane...what is that? I knew right away it wasnt ours.

I tried frantically to get the girl to look up but she was sitting next to me on the ground picking grass and fighting with her boyfriend and my gesturing only perturbed her more...her boyfriend would have been mad if he knew we were together so I didnt want to say anything...i could see this thing perfectly and it seemed very close. It flew straight slow and silent and very low...level with us on the climbed steadily but at a low angle...there were no domes on the top of it but one at each point of the triangular shape...the points were squared seemed like it was just flying up the road (Newhall Ranch) but wavering a little to one side and then the next...not in a rocking motion but more of a scanning to each side of the road but staying level.

The domes did appear to be back lit by a faint light...a soft looked to have three levels because there were areas on the sides that looked like windows...but none of those had lights...reminded me of a modern glass building but seemed to be recessed a little it came closer to the hill and was pretty much just over us within a hundred yards to the right the angle which had increased slightly to compensate for the hill...pretty much turned in to 90 degrees...i watched it until I couldnt see it anymore...the girl finally got off the phone maybe ten minutes after and i checked the date and time and asked her if she saw anything...she didn't.

I thought about reporting it and i really wanted to report it while it was happening...but by that time i just thought that no way would anyone believe me...I thought though that surely someone in the valley must have seen it and reported it, but I never heard I pretty much just shrugged my shoulders and said forget it.

Color/Shape: black,triangle,3 domes at tips,3 story,squared tips, no sound swayed back and forth a little, gained elevation and went straight up just past me, massive, if provided a photo from my angle i could draw to scale.

Height & Speed: level with me slightly rising pitch. slow

TV/Radio/Press: I dont know if it was ever reported.