July 23rd 2002

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Three Rivers, Calif. (20 miles east of Visalia, near enty to the Sequoia National Park)

Date: July 23, 2002 about 10 pm, PDST

Approach Direction: from N to S

Departure Direction: from N to S

Witness Direction: up

Description: I was at a family reunion and all 14 of us were sitting outside after an outdoor dinner. Among the 14 of us are a PhD, MD, 2 master degrees and many bright college students. A few of us were lying on the grass looking in the sky for shooting stars. We saw a huge boomerang shaped flying object fly slowly that passed directy overhead heading South. It was is view for a minute or so and had lights on the boomerang shaped wings. The two wings asymetrical in length . We saw no fusilage and the lights moved in total unison, as if on one object, as opposed to multiple adjacent aircraft. There was very little noise made by the craft and it seemed much, much larger than any plane we've ever seen. Of course the actualy size of the object would be dependent on the altittude, which we have no way of knowing.

Recently I discovered several similar sighting reports on this website on the same date. Might this have been a B-2 stealth bomber?
Any way of finding out?


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