August 23rd 2002
Time: 12.20am

Name: Joey L. Brown

Location: Jamestown, Tennessee

Date: 08/23/02 starting at 12:20 am central time.

Approach Direction: Two of the objects came from the northern direction and the third object came from a north-northwest direction.

Departure Direction: All three objects went straight up from where the activity was taking place.

Witness Direction: My fiancee and I were sitting on our porch facing in the northern direction.

Description: My fiancee, Eva and I were sitting on our porch talking and looking up at the stars. We did this alot. It was nice out and we had a very good view of the heavens. I was looking at a star that looked like it was moving from left to right and then up and down, when I noticed that it was coming closer. I watched it for about a minute or maybe two then told Eva what I was looking at. She saw it right away.

It was the same color of a star at first, then as we were watching, the color changed from star-white, to a very bright blue. That is when I noticed the second object. It was much smaller than the first object and stayed the same kind of pale yellow color.

The first object was shaped like a large triagle. You could see very clearly the outline of it. It would stop its movements often and kind of hover where it was before starting to move around again. The light that came from it seemed to come from the bottom toward the front of it. It would change colors without any notice that it was going to. It went from white to blue, then to a very deep red, to yellow, then to blue and back to white again.

The second object never really sat still. It would keep making these impoosible turns. I know that the airforce has got some pretty high tech crafts, but I'd bet one of my kids that they don't have one that could pull off some of the turns this object was making.

About 10 or 15 minutes later, Eva told me to look over to my left. When I did, there came a blue light that was traveling at an unbelievable speed. As I watched it streak across the sky, it came to a dead stop and crossed over and behind the large object. Once it was behind the large craft, it looked like it went into the back of the big one. We never saw it again.

Eva and I both were really freaking out! We both also admitted to being a little scared of what we were seeing out there. After about 30 or 35 minutes, the second and smaller object blinked about five times and went straight up. It moved slow at first, then it cut a hard left and as it did, it moved so fast, it's light was nothing but a blur. About two minutes later, the first object looked like it turned the point of the triangle up toward the stars and it went from a hover like that to being just simply gone. We never daw it again after that.

We spent two weeks out in the yard at night watching for the lights and objects to reappear, but they never came back. Shortly after that, Eva and I moved. I have been watching the sky ever since and haven't seen anything like what we saw that night since. It was really something to see. It makes me believe that we are not alone in our universe and that there are other beings out there watching us.

Color/Shape: Object #1: went from white to blue, then to red, then yellow back to blue and back to white. It was shaped like a big triangle.

Object #2: It stayed a pale yellow color and I couldn't make out the shape of it because it would sit still.

Object #3: It was a blue light and It was moving really fast and I couldn't make out its shape either.

Height & Speed: The largest object moved fast, but how fast I couldn't say, It had to had been at least ten to fifteen thousand feet up. The other two objects moved so fast and so wildly, it is safe to say, they were not human or human made. And I ain't buying that weather balloon crap!

TV/Radio/Press: I never heard or read anything about it anywhere.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/020823.shtml