September 13th 2002

Name: Dewayne H.

Location: Ft. Smith Mt., USA

Date: 09/13/02 5:30 am Local time

Approach Direction: NW

Departure Direction: WNW

Witness Direction: W

Description: Three bright lights with no sound.

It was 5:30am on the morning of Sept. 13, 2002. I was stand on the porch of the motel I was staying at. The porch has a clear view to the W through NNW. I was looking in a WNW direction when I saw three bright white lights in a triangular shape or formation. I estimate these lights to be 1/2 of a mile from my location. The lights appeared to be moving in a NW direction at the speed of a small aircraft (120 kts or less.) They were at about 10 degrees above the horizion. As the light were moving away from me The front light went out. I don't know if this due to the light being turn off or if it became obstructed by part of the craft. I can not say this was one craft or three as it was to dark to see. The lights disappeared behind a hill to my NW.

There was no noise from these lights. The morning air was still and quite, no dogs, no birds and no traffic noise that could have covered the sound of an aircraft engine.

The dam located not far from my location is a hydroelectric dam. After looking on a map these lights may have followed the power lines to the dam from the SE and departed the area following the power lines to the NW.

There was one other witness to this event.

Color/Shape: Triangle

Height & Speed: 10 deg. above horizon


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/020913.shtml