Jacksonville, Florida

October 2002

Jacksonville, Florida Huge Black Triangle

Date: October 2002
Time: Nighttime

Brian, you seem like such a nice guy. I will tell you about my October 2002 experience of seeing a huge silent and black as any darkness I can think of Triangle fly over my head here in Jacksonville Florida. I sit on porch and watch for pretty girls to drive by and also have a smoke, (I live on a four lane road). I always look skyward every few seconds and saw three fast moving lights in a triangular formation coming from due north and moving fast. Only when it was right over my head and blocking out the stars did I see (and feel) its shape and size. I had a pilots license right out of high school because my Dad bought a 46 Ercoupe to get his wings. Also I love airplanes especially lightweights.

This Triangle had some type of effect on the air and shrubs right close to me, like something I've never felt before. Of course it kind of changed my life now, seeing what should not exist. Not unlike the shock I feel at my Government at work in the world, :-( . I read later where at least a couple other folks here in Florida saw something similar flying same direction and speed (from north to south) Anyhow I thought you may find interesting. I quit telling people cause of the looks I'd get :-). Take Care.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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