October 3rd 2002

Name: Ed

Location: Midway, Baxter County, Arkansas

Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2002, local 2205 CDST

Approach Direction: Coming form the east

Departure _Direction: Generally westward

Witness Direction: Body facing west, Head to the north

Description: I was walking past one of the windows on the north side of our dwelling. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a light flash like that of a strobe.

The back door was about three feet from me and I quickly moved to and out the door. Standing on the back step, I say a second flash of light through the leaves of the trees, it seemed to be level, but I believe it was about 30 degrees upward. As I stood on the top step the third flash occurred, but this one was red.

Three short explainations:

1. I live with in a mile and ahalf of the Baxter County Regional Airport (BCRA). The direction I observed the light flashes which seemed to be moving west would have been that of an aircraft on final to the airport.

2. My house is about half to three quarters of a mile from the final approach to BCRA. Aircraft preparing to land at BCRA pass in close proximity to my property during the base leg of landing pattern. Light low powered single engine such as Pipers and Cessnas on base leg, often pass directly over our the west end of our property,about fifty feet west of the house. Higher powered single engine aircraft with constant speed propellers, most of which have retractable landing gear such as Beechcraft, Piper gear, Mooneys, and Rockwell 112, etc pass more toward the east end of the house about eighty to ninety feet from the path of the small single engine. Multi-engine, reciprocating aircraft on the base leg usually are about a hundred to hundred and fifty feet from the low speed single engine aircraft path and Turbine powered, such as Cessna Citations, Gulf Stream I and IIs I often see passing to the south of us about half mile, sitll on the downwind leg.

3. I spent twenty-three years in the U.S. Navy and retired as an Aviation Machinist Mate, Chief Petty Officer. I worked on and flew in PBMs, P5Ms, TV2s (T-33)SNBs, AD-5Q and 5Ws,TFs and S2Fs Upon retirement from the Navy I became an FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Technicain with experience with light aircraft, Aerial Agricultural Applicator modified Stearmans, N3Ns and Gruman Ag Cats

3. I am an FAA Certificated Private Pilot. The reason I am submitting this is that from the time I got out of the house and saw the second light flash through the leaves of the trees and the red flash that was in the clear until about ten minutes after seeing the flashes, there was NO SOUND.

If it was a turbine powered aircraft, unless very small, there should have been the sound of thrust reverse, and the same with a turboprop landing with reverse blade angle. There was nothing.

If the aircraft was reciprocating engine powered, as it passed through my line of sight I should have heard the sound of an engine at low power. there was nothing.

Color/Shape: It was a moonless night and the flashes were bright enough that any developing night vision I might have had, was oblivorated.

Height & Speed: Estimate the Unidentified Fling Object to have been between five and seven hundred feet. I don't know. From the time I saw the first flash until the third or red flash was over it took about eight seconds.

TV/Radio/Press: None that I know off.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/021003.shtml