October 13th 2002

Name: R. Leasure

Location: Carlsbad, Ca. USA

Date: 10/13/02 approx 7:30 pm, PST

Approach Direction: Straight Down

Departure Direction: went behind hill as proceeding down, unknown departure

Witness Direction: South as we were proceeding down El Camino Real rd. in Carlsbad, Ca

Description: was a bluish green sphere, tranparent in nature,seemed ilumminated slightly from the inside. We both had spotted it at same time, watched it go behind a hill in the Olivehain community in Carlsbad. Next day we went to area, the area is a big field with remnants of a cattle herd.

Color/Shape: perfect luminence blue green sphere, possibly a slight orange/red coming from the middle of the sphere. "perfect sphere" absolutely "no noise", 50 ft dia.

Height & Speed: when sighted 100/150 yd. AGL. Est. speed 25/30 mph on vertical descent

TV/Radio/Press: we searched the North County Times next day, no mention!!


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/021013a.shtml