Galion, Ohio

October 16th 2002

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Fox

Location: Galion, Ohio..USA

Date: Wendesday, October 16 2002. Between 8:20 and 8:30pm

Approach Direction: From the South to the North From My Perspective at the moment of observation and from 5-7 miles away on the horizon. May have been approaching from the sw to ne

Departure Direction: ne

Witness Direction: At first the east from the time iwe fist saw it. Then in Downtown galion i was 1 block south of it. As it stopped hovering and began moving to the ne i was underneath and to the west it as it went out of town.

Description: At about 8:20 pm, myself and my 7-5 year old children were 4 miles east of galion coming west on milsboro road toward our home. From 3-4 miles the object moved very slowly on the horizon from sw to ne. I appeared from this distance as a large orange/yellow light. As I continued into galion, the object was now 5-10 degrees right of my driving axis and I could see it hovering as the trees and buildings obscured the objet as i approached. As i entered Galion and approached the blocks of Harding Way West and Liberty st. The object came into full view. Hovering about 150-200 feet off the ground, across the street from the Catholic church and One block away from the police/firestation, was an enormous object. I stopped in front of the Municipal building and from one block away and underneath it, it appeared to be a very long (150-200foot) rectangle. It did not move for 30-60 seconds as myself and a pickup truck sat at the redlight, waiting for a green light. As the light turned the truck continued forward, but myself and my children remained stationary. The object was stationary for an additional 10-20 seconds. I rolled the windows down and turned the radio on down and heard nothing. It slowly began to move to the east yet as it moved, it wobbled 10-15 degress off axis to the for and aft. I turned right, went one block to the church st. turned right again and up over the over pass. As i hit the crest of the overpass, the object had climbed to 500-700ft. and from behind it and underneathe it, the object was clealy and huge triangle with the previously mentioned 4 "side-lights" were three bright yellow lights on the point of the triangle and the brighter pulsing orange/yellow in the very center. There were horizontal columns on the undercarriage of the object best described as illuminated the brightness of the dimmest starlight in the sky. I called the police anonymously and the newsparer the following day. No-one but my kids and myself saw this thing or reported it? I am a local health-care professional and involved in community activities, so I have remained anonymous, However what I saw that night was the length of the catholic school and the width of 60-80 feet or larger. (It was 5-7 hund ft in the air when i saw the width). I have never seen anything like this before or after. How could something so huge hover over a town for 5-8 minutes without anyone being alerted. It made no noise. Help

Color/Shape: Dark Triangle. Three lights on each point of bright w/y and a center Y/O pulsing ord w/ horizontal columns of starlight illuminated rows.

Height & Speed: 150-200 intitially then as it moved off it climbed to 5-7 hund, ft. Moving very slowly, no more than 5-10 mph

TV/Radio/Press: I reported it to the police and called the Galion Inquirer.


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