December 13th 2002

Name: On file

Location: countryside, Montrail County, N.Dak.

Date: Sat 12/13/02 1:30 am cst

Approach Direction: Comming fron the South

Departure Direction: Turned South

Witness Direction: South

Description: We were driving home on the back roads and stopped to releave ourselves when I seen it comming from the South. It was dark and blocking out the stars making no noise. As far as I could estimate it was maby 200 to 300 yds. in the air, black triangular shape, maby 30yds wide. It was hard to figure the width since we were astounded and scared since it seemed to be comming right toward us. We watched it get closer for maby 30 secs. panicked jumped in the car and headed straight south under it and past it. My partner looked out the back window and said it was trailing us and to step on it. I said whats the use. After a min or two it was gone. I think the only reason I'm doing this is in case anybody else seen something like this it would be good for them to know they are not crazy. N Dak. is a large state with a low population and lots of open spaces and when friends get together most of them have seen lights, I have too but this was too close for.

Color/Shape: Black, triangular, No lights, no noise

Height & Speed: 2 to 300 yds up. Speed maby 30 mph. From the south did a 180 turn and I do not know what direction it left

TV/Radio/Press: Not reported and do not want this reported in anyway except on this site


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/021213.shtml