December 29th 2002
Time : 01.40pm (CST) 07.40 (GMT)

Name: D.J.

Location: Powers, Canadian County, Oklahoma, United States. (approximately 25 miles west of Oklahoma City)

Approach Direction: Came in from North, heading South.

Departure Direction: Headed South, South-West.

Witness Direction: North, North-North-West.

Description: I and a companion were out on land close to Highway 81 (route runs north to south approximately 1.2 miles from Powers) when at 01:40 hours, we had just turned onto 81 (facing north) when a bright orange-red object appeared in the sky. We had been out driving and watching for tornadoes so the appearance of the object was quite evident in the overcast sky.

I should stress that the object simply appeared - it did not drift in from the horizon or zoom into sight, it simply appeared instantly in the sky, but this is only my perception. Well, the object initially appeared as a point of light (color mentioned) and gradually grew in intensity for forty to fifty seconds until it was twice as bright as the brightest star in the sky. At this point it suddenly "seperated" into two other lights.

When the object seperated, it produced a brilliant burst of orange-red light with a touch of white, but this could simply be a misperception on my part as we were having difficultly seeing it properly due to clouds. The objects then took at at incredible speed and vanished off towards the south on roughly parallel courses.

The whole thing could not have taken more than five to seven seconds, then they were gone. We remained on site until 02:00 hours, but no other phenomenon was noted.

Color/Shape: Orange-Red in color. Spherical, no reflective field. No evidence of light scatter (even when object divided). Addition object(s) remained uniform, spherical and of the same colors but duller in appearance.

Height & Speed: See above.

TV/Radio/Press: No, not to the best of my knowledge.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/021229.shtml