December 30th 2002

Name: On file

Location: Ballard Locks, Washington State.

Date: December 30, 2002, between 4:00pm and 4:10pm, Washington time.

Approach Direction: Stationary

Departure Direction: Stationary (didn't zoom out or anything)

Witness_Direction: I'm not very good at directions, but if you just came from the fish ladder, it's that direction.

Description: My mom, cousin, and I just came from seeing the fish ladder. While walking towards the ballard locks to watch how a yacht passes there, I got to stare at the sky. I saw a stationary, horizontal lighted object. Logic told me that it cannot be a plane, as it was all lighted up, very bright (the sky was covered with gray clouds that time), and stationary. I asked my cousin to look at it and tell me what it was. He said he doesn't know. I was holding my camera, but didn't get to take a picture of it, thinking that it may just be another useless object and just a waste of film. I was looking at it for about 10 seconds while we walk, with me trying to think what possible huge earthly object could hover like that and at the same time glow all over. Then, it suddenly tilted 45 degrees in 1 second and the light went out in a snap! My eyes widened at the sight of it! I was so surprised at what I had seen, that I concluded that it was a UFO!

*optional part*

What I also found so strange is that around 5 minutes after the experience, when I tried to forget what had happened, I had this strange overwhelming sensation that something was very wrong in the place, but I had no idea what it was... until I looked at my mom who signalled me and my cousin to move closer to each other because she's going to take a picture. I suddenly was remembering the exact words of my mom, the exact place where she was standing on, and the steps she was going to take, even the stranger who passed too close to the camera! I remembered that I was experiencing a vivid dream I had several years back! That scared me, and made me wonder if there was a connection to that with seeing the UFO.

Color/Shape: It was horizontal, all lit up. The color of the light was white. On our pic taken (after the sighting), I can pinpoint where I saw the glowing object, maybe draw it even.

Height & Speed: n/a

TV/Radio/Press: I was just visiting Washington State, and was more concerned with other activities than watching TV that time, so I don't know if there were reports of it.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/021230.shtml