Fall 2002

San Marcos, California Another Long Dark Object Filmed

Date: Fall of 2002 (2003?)
Time: Daytime

Hi Brian!

I was engaged in my usual pastime of being outdoors, and watching the sky. I had climbed to a peak near my home in San Marcos. The climb up dictated my being part coyote, as I crawled under the brush and scaled steep rock faces to get to the heights. We're talking so inaccessible I may have been the only person, other than Indians to have been there in a hundred years. I was watching for a contrail I'd seen weeks previous, and had my throw away camera along. I was smoking cigs, and looking out to the east. I saw the contrail going NW to SE at a hi rate of speed. I started to click shots of the contrail when I had a peculiar sensation of danger, it was accompanied by a scraping kind of noise and I felt something approaching.

Whatever it was came corkscrewing through the air towards my mountaintop. I don't actually remember focusing on the thing and taking the picture, because I was frightened. My best recollection is a fast approach, apprehension, and the thing turning away to the NE and disappearing just like that. Afterwards, I was disoriented and couldn't think clearly for a while. I did not associate the experience with any UFO activity until several days had passed and I reflected on the event. Since then, I have taken greater interest in the subject. I think the photo shows scalar activity and maybe a clue to the propulsion of the thing, whatever is is. I have kept watching the sky without seeing much, which is usually the case, until just recently, when I observed 2 other events I've reported to you at HBCC.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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