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UFO Sighting Report - USA

2003 & September 2006 : Irvine, Pennsylvania

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Irvine,Pa. USA

Date: one sighting 2003 12:00 PM
      2nd sighting Sept ? 2006 2:30 in the morning

Approach Direction: east both times

Departure Direction: north both times

Witness Direction: west

Description: I was sitting on my back porch and I saw two lights coming towards my house. There is a mountain oppisite my house. The Allegany river is at the bottom of the mountain and my house is across the river on the banks of the river. At first I thought the lights were stars, then as they came close the lights got bigger and brighter. They hovered at the top of the mountain and then took off into the sky at a lightning speed and out of sight.

Last Sept. I again saw a bright light in the sky comeing over the mountain in the exact place as the first sighting. As it got closer I saw lights flashing from the bottom. It came down almost to the river level and twice it shot a spot light down on the river. At this time the reflection from the spotlight showen on the water and I could see the bottom a little. I went out on my porch to see better. It made no sound at all. It moved very slowly north along the river, then shot up in the air and was gone instantly. I have only told my husband because I know my neighbors would think I have lost my mind. I am a true believer now.

Color/Shape: shape i could not tell nor could I tell the color. It was a very dark night both times

Height & Speed: speed at take of was not of this world. It olso could move very slow.I would say it was at least 30 feet long.