January 20th 2003

Name: Jason Flanagan

Location: guerneville, CA. usa

Date: 1-20-03

Approach Direction: n-s

Departure Direction: s

Witness Direction: up

Description: a fake balloon made to generate fake ufo reports. done in slightly shiny grey. a helium balloon apparantly, well balanced to float level in the wind. it drifted s on that almost windless day, pretty high but clearlyvisible to me. red reflective tape evenly applied to the leading tip of the chevron. VERY WELL MADE PROJECT. clearly fake in the daylight, but no kid made this. j-

Color/Shape: grey, chevron, red reflective tape applied to leading tip. actually remained pointed in the direction of drift.-south-

Height & Speed: 400 feet or less, drifting very slowly to the south.

UFOINFO Note: Though this report is of a balloon I have placed it on the site in case there are other reports of 'ufos' around the same time.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/030120.shtml