February 15th - March 27th 2003
April 12th 2003

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Eureka, CA

Date: 02/15-27/03 and 04/12/03 8:30-9:00 p.m. PST

Approach Direction: Stationary for about a half-hour, then quickly disappeared..WEST over coastal town..

Departure Direction: The object was a huge bright light that would become smaller and larger, and flicker to different levels of brightness, with red laser-like pinpoints of light on the edge.

Witness Direction: WEST

Description: My wife began noticing a strange light in the sky late winter, and again in the spring every evening at the same time. The object was a very large, bright oval-shaped light, w/ a red laser-like flickering on the edge of the right side, if west. We told others to watch for it, and it appeared at least a dozen or more times. We just discovered this website tongiht, and decided to report it, as it has always been a mystery.

Color/Shape: Oval in shape..far away, very large, w/red smaller laser-like lights on the right edge...but it would flicker larger and smaller, and then after 30-45 minutes, it would disappear...it stayed still in a hover. Very fascinating, and strange.

Height & Speed: Height was at least above the big dipper..don't know. We aren't really astronomers, and it didn't 'depart' so much as just 'dissappeared'..

TV/Radio/Press: We left a message on the KMUD radio phone in the area..no response, but others had been watching it, too.


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