Carolina Beach Wilmington, North Carolina

March 4th 2003

Name: "Otterman"

Location: North of Carolina Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Date: March, 04, 2003 Approx 8:58pm EST 03/04/03 8:58 PM EST.
Please note the sighting occured within the first week of march (most likely the 4th). However, the time of the sighting is acurate.

Approach Direction: North North West (NNW)

Departure Direction: South South East (SSE)

Witness Direction: Two Witnesses (myself included). Objects moved slightly overhead.

Description: I was observing the night sky (clear moderately cold night) when two bright yellowish/ white lights caught my attention from the North North West (NNW).

They were two triangular shaped objects. Low altitude (under 10,000 ft.). Black in color with a hint of beige(the shape of the objects were clearly visible) -NO WINGS. Red pulsating (SLOWLY) light (LARGE) in the middle of each object. Each had one yellowish white light pointing in the direction of flight. Moved as though their own mass propelled them.

Bizarre formation. One directly behind the other 1 body length to each other. It appeared as though each object aided the other's flight due to there tight formation, ONE EXACTLY BEHIND THE OTHER AND ONE CRAFT LENGTH BETWEEN THEM.

Absolutely NO NOISE! I waited for twenty minutes for the sound of aircaft engines and there were none. DURATION OF SIGHTING WAS ABOUT 10 SECONDS.

Color/Shape: Two. Triangular. Moderately Large: Appox. 100 to 150 ft. in length. Prominate red pulsating light in the center. Yellowish/white light toward the "front" NO NOISE!

Height & Speed: Below 10,000 feet. Approx. 200 mph. Approched abruptly NNW moved silently overhead in a straight EXACT formation and direction toward the Atlantic Ocean SSE.

TV/Radio/Press: None that I know of.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/030304.shtml