May/June 2003

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Socorro, NM. On the HWY going from HObbs to Santa Fe. A state HWY not interstate. It was late in the pm.

Date: Summer - early. May or June 2003

Approach Direction: On my left, West?. On the left side of the HWY , as I was heading North. The object was heading south.

Departure Direction: south.

Witness Direction: I was facing North and something caught my eye and I turned to look at it. It was to the front/left side of my car.

Description: I went to Hobbs to pick up my sister's car with my Dad. We left EARLY in the am, it takes about 10 hrs to get there from where we live. We rode down together and then, I was driving her car back home and he was following me in his truck. We were just past socorroc , heading North on the local Rd when I saw it. It was very bright and at first I thought it was a plane landing. I realizing it was not by the speed and angle it was traveling. It was extremely bright and it shot downward at a steep angle, going VERY fast. I thought it may have been a plane crashing. I waited to see it there were flames from the 'crash'. There were not. It simply disappeared into the side of the mountain/landscape. I was so excited, as soon as I got a signal on my cell phone, I called my Dad on his cell to see if he'd seen the same thing. He had. I asked him what he thought it was. He said he didn't know what that was. I was excited about this 'thing'.
We talked a few minutes and ended our conversation.

I know this is not a glamourous story, but, it is totally true. I'm posting this event becuase, FOUR days ago, I read something about UFO sightings in Socorro, NM!

I think this may be beneficial to whomever is researching and documenting these amazing events.

Color/Shape: unknown, VERY bright, I was a ways away from it dn could not tell it's shape.

Height & Speed: It shot down from the upper atmosphere at a VERY fast rate of speed, I am not a scientist, so I can not say how fast it was going at the time. It headed directly downward, towards the south-west of my location.It was late at night, around 11:00pm. Very dark out and we were driving in our cars.

TV/Radio/Press: do not know.


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