May 1st 2003

Name: Gerry

Location: Woodbridge, NY, cross street of US Route 1 and Green Street, major highway/ intersection

Date: 05/01/03 10:10 to 10:15 eastern daylight time (morning)

Approach direction: From the south, parallelling US Route 1 Departure direction: To the north, parallelling US Route 1 Witness direction: We were facing west and south west, looking at traffic

Description: A blob of black/charcoal colored, semi transparent mass of "dots were floating and changing shape as they traveled at a constant rate speeed/direction to the north, all the while maintaining altitude (approx less than 1000 ft?). I observed this anomoly, pointing it out to the NJ trooper/dot workers stationed for traffic duty, he said it was a heliocopter but I pointed out to him no noise or tail rotor/main rotor on mass. Floating blob then proceeded to cross green street about 3 blocks west of my position, I travelled to this area and watched as mass of "dots" travelled overhead formed a distinct "v" shape in front, all the while the rear maintained a ragged, semi transparent undulating edeges..... no noise was heard, sighting lasted for 4-5 mins, and blob object floated to north over treeline, with my losing sight of mass.

Color/Shape: Color....black/charcoal grey with semi-transparent "openings" visable from time to time. Shape...no defined shape, just a " blob of dots" that morphed into a distinct v shape front with a ill defined, ragged rear configuration noise...none, totally silent, though there was background traffic noise.

Height & Speed: height...less than 1000 ft

Speed...15-25 mph maintaining speed and direction in straight line flight, paralelling US Route 1

TV/Radio/Press: Sighting was reported to the UFO Center, Washington, and it was logged in as Woodbridge, NJ. July 2003

This object is similar in nature to the Ola, GA object, but at lower altitude, and ther are other sightings in Metro NYC area of blobs that mimic this sighting. BTW, Woodbridge is less than 5 miles from the Carteret UFO of 2001 sighting by the NJ Turnpike.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/030501.shtml