June 17th 2003

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Aberdeen, SD, USA

Date: 06/17/03

Approach Direction: did not approach, watched from sky

Departure Direction: did not depart, watched from sky

Witness Direction: east

Description: My Friend David and I were sitting on a rock pile to cool down after 3 hours of skateboarding. It was a cold night for June, about 50 degrees...we were looking at the sky when we saw a 3-D oval shape in the sky with blinking red, green, and yellow lights. It then blurred in a flash and was gone in a split second. About two weeks later we saw the same object in the same spot with the same details, and again, a flash and it was gone.

Color/Shape: Could not tell what color, it was night time, but it had red, green, and yellow flashing lights. It was a 3-D oval shape.

Height & Speed: I could assume the object was around 450-500 ft. in the air, and it stayed in one position and spun around slowly, but when it departed it just flashed and it was gone


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