June 22nd 2003

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Weslaco, TX USA

Date: 6/22/03

Approach Direction: Hovered downward smoothly at an estimated speed of 30 mph and then across field S-ward at same speed about 10 ft off the ground for a short 30 seconds.

Departure Direction: Dissappeared from sight completely after hovering S-ward 45 ft.

Witness Direction: I was facing E-ward with UFO in sight at the 1 o'clock position.

Description: It was a very humid summer night perfect for smoking a cigarette. I had sat in my big dark shack facing a creek next to a real estate subdivision which is next to the 30 acre field where I saw what came to be a confusing point in my life, meaning I couldnt believe my own eyes because of the sheer irrationality of a giant 'orb'. I'm aware of orbs as spirits, but this was a giant, perfectly round, 6 to 9 ft diameter, orange sphere with a lighter orange tinge and a more vague electrical field of the same color. I had just took a light puff and looked at the stars (no clouds) and suddenly it appeared after a blink. It came down smoothly and turned south at a precise right angle for abouth 45 ft and dissappeared as quick as it showed itself. The glow was other-worldly since it did not emit much light on the enviroment as it should have for its size. I'm writing this now after reading so many accounts online. You must understand that the whole situation had no feeling of glorification like I would have expected as from people who have seen light beams and such. As a matter of fact, I recall telling some peers about what happened the same way I would describe anything, which I regret for not expressing my true appalled initial state. I believe I was the only one who saw this even though is was adjacent to a residential neighborhood & the expressway since it was a dark field.

Color/Shape: Orb shaped, orange, with outer light orange field.

Height & Speed: 6-9 ft in diameter at a constant speed of approximately 30 mph.


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