July 4th 2003

Weird sighting on the 4th of July in Bend, Oregon

While waiting for the Fireworks to start on top of Pilot Butte my niece was looking east and noticed this object moving in the the sky. The object was moving left to write, up and down, and in a wavy pattern not quite stable while it was (for the lack of better words) hovering in the sky. No man made machine cam move in these patterns that I know of.

There was nine objects in the sky, almost in a line with a little arch. Some objects where red and some where green. They moved one by one to a different location and ended up in a line again. It made a Y pattern with three other stars. They kept moving to different spot in the sky. We did see satellites flying in a strait line but not near the objects.

The next evening I looked up in the sky and the objects were gone but the three star the helped make the pattern remained. We filmed part of it but not very well. Did anyone happen to see any out of the ordinary East of bend, Oregon?

I'm very curious what it could be.

Thanks for your time.



UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/030704.shtml