July 5th 2003

Name: David

Location: s.w. mounds, oklahoma

Date: july 5th, 2003 (12:15am)

Approach Direction: north to south

Departure Direction: north to south

Witness Direction: 4 witnesses. 2 south, john and me were facing east looking north and east.

Description: it's pretty hard to explain.

there were three white lights in a triangular pattern moving across the sky at a very high altitude at the same speed, same distance apart the whole sighting. s star disappeared when this object(s) passed in front of it, which suggested to us that this was a triangular craft, not three seperate. these lights disappeared at the same exact time after about 3 to 4 minutes of watching them. we looked around a bit to see if they'd reappear and sure enough alan said, "look... there they are!" they were right in the exact spot they(it)disappeared in, only now they were facing the opposite direction in the same triangular pattern, same distances as the first time seen.

these crafts or craft had no running or strobing lights. i've seen many satellites and aircraft cross the nights sky. i've never seen anything like this and i tell you, it's been a couple hours since and the hairs all over my body are all standing up on end.

i don't know what we saw, but it sure didn't look familiar to any of us. ex navy man, 2 history buffs who know a little about aircraft,and a 4.0 student here visiting his father. none of us were drinking or do any drugs.

i have to say this was the most exciting and interesting thing i've seen in the skys above and i would like to speak to someone as soon as possible while everything is fresh in mind. i doubt i will ever forget what we saw this morning. none of us will!


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/030705.shtml