July 6th 2003

Date: July 6, 2003
Time: n/a
Daylight sighting

Good afternoon,

Here's an interesting image from the footage - what do you make of it ? On the afternoon of July 6, 2003 my husband noticed a gleem way over head, it looked odd so I went and got my camcorder w/ 500 digital zoom. Couldn't see what it was until I zoomed in. I recorded the most awesome 3 minutes of what was definitely an unidentified object. We looked through frame by frame and found some ' brow raising ' images.

For one I am a 31 year old skeptic, don't care for politics or red tape. I am the type of person that looks to the logical explanations in all ' unexplained ' from paranormal to the unexplained but this footage is like nothing I know is on record to date. It isn't just a silver ball darting around, the footage has captured more detail than that, the object is definitely not a sliver ball.

I was in the Navy, have been on carriers / sub-tenders, I have seen aircraft ... stealth, bomber ... etc. But I have never seen anything like this ! And the footage shows ( I was filming by a tree ) you can see the object moving as the leaves in the same frame remain still. Also taped the moon to show I did not mistake the object for ' swamp gas reflecting off a weather balloon causing steam to rise in a dioxide mist '

Let me assure you this footage is true.
Pictures can be found at my website.

This footage is so solid I am willing to sell all rights of it. I realize there are many are hoaxed projects - experts that can sniff out a fake crop circle a mile away. I do feel this footage will be talked from all aspects of the UFO pros & cons for years to come.

Name and personal information of the person who took the photos has been deleted by HBCC UFO Research. If anyone should care to know more about the photos they can contact me and I will be happy to forward all emails along the owner of the pictures.

[Update from UFOINFO: The witness now has her own website which can be found at:

Update - September 29th 2003:

Summerville, South Carolina UFO Footage

Report From HBCC UFO Research
Director: Brian Vike
HBCC UFO Research

UFO Footage Shot On July 6 , 2003 at 8:32 p.m (time display on video footage)

Video footage - 2003 L.G.B./L.G.M

A strange object was captured on film by Mrs. Linda Moore from her home in South Carolina. Linda's husband noticed a bright object high in the sky. He called to her to come and see what he was looking at. She appeared with her camcorder which has a 500 digital zoom to film it. As she zoomed in on it...... the object took on a strange and unusual shape and she recorded it for approximately three minutes.

Some in the UFO field however,thought because she had used a digital camera, that the object was possibly fabricated. Sadly, after exclusive rights to the footage was denied to some of these researchers ... they decided to refer to the film as a probable hoax.

HBCC UFO however was sent a copy of the UFO footage on VHS format and it was received on Tuesday, September 23, 2003. From what I saw on film there was certainly something very strange flying over the skies of South Carolina on that day, and the Moores' were two of the lucky ones to have not only seen such a sight but also to have filmed it. The object was noticed flying from a north east direction, perhaps from over the coastline.

I was fascinated by what I viewed on the tape. When the object first appears in the clear blue sky, the witness has the camera zoomed out and catches an extremely bright white, round object. As she tracks it slowly moving in the sky, Mrs. Moore zooms in and catches what appears to be a mushroom shaped object. It takes on a dome shape with something in the center. Whatever it is inside seems to hold a number of colors, ranging from a pink, green and blue and it seems to be shining, or maybe the sun is reflecting off it.

An interesting part of the film is a portion of a tree which is between the object and the witness. With the object at a good distance away, the tree and it's leaves provide a good reference point which allows us to gauge not only the direction but also how fast the object is moving, plus how it travels through the air. It moves down and has a similar appearance to how one would see a jellyfish swimming through the ocean.

As the object drifts slowly downwards the top of the dome appears to bulge in and out slightly at times. At one point it briefly comes to a complete stop, and then with ease it floats back up a short distance and stops for a split second and moves down and to the right. It stops again and starts back up. It seems to travel very smoothly.....no jerking or erratic movements can be witnessed. Again it climbs in altitude and begins to descend once again and at this point a couple of the leaves are almost blocking the view of the object. However, in the gaps between the leaves it can still be seen very easily and then it appears in the open with nothing blocking the view.
(This portion of the footage was viewed at a slower speed).

I ran the tape back a few frames to where the unknown was still behind the leaves. I then played the tape at the normal speed and was surprised to see how quickly it was able to move after it came out from behind the foliage. After a short burst of speed, not moving very far in the sky, it again seemed to slow and maneuvers around in a tight space. Mrs. Moore at this point catches a great shot of something which is sitting near the bottom, but inside of the mushroom. Again the colors from something that is inside this cloud can be seen shining very brightly. The object seems to just hang there in one spot.

Linda moved to a better seating position close to the same area where she was, but the object was not found again, it had disappeared. As it was getting on to dusk and the moon was visible she took a shot of it to reiterate that what she had seen was definitely not the moon.

This footage in my opinion is amazing.
It clearly shows something very strange and unexplained in the sky on that day.
It's a wonderful example of an unidentified flying object.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


(UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for granting permission to use this article.)


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