July 28th/August 2nd 2003

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UFO Sightings in the Outer Banks, North Carolina

my family stayed in a rented beach house over the week of july 25 to august 2 and while i was outside on the deck at approximatly 10 at night i noticed a very bright object in the dark sky above the ocean. This object, from where i was standing, was at about a 40 to 50 degree angle above the ocean. I was situated on the deck which is about 30 feet above the ground so the ocean and sky are both very visible from this point. I continued to watch the object, which seemed to have a redish color, as it moved slowly at first to my right, the object then moved back to its previous spot and from there it traveled up at a 70 to 80 degree angle and finally stopped about 100 feet from its previous location. I continually watched this object for about 2 hours and at first i hesitated to call this object a UFO because, after all, it could easily have been a plane or a helicopter but neither of these explanations seem plasable because the object was moving at speeds, either far too fast or far too slow for any commercial helicopter or plane. The object also mvoed at angles incongruent to planes, jets, and helicopters. My uncle and two brothers also saw this UFO and concurred that what i was watching seemed to be an object that met absoleutly no criteria for any air borne objects known to the public (that does not include military). So i am forced to believe that what i saw was one of either a military plane or a UFO, the former seems far more likely.

The second sighting occured while my uncle and younger brother were walking on the beach August 2 at around 10 at night. They both say that they watched an objerct similar to the one we had seen on the 28th. Apparently the object began to sway backwards and forwards as if it were searching for something. They watched it move off to their right at a very high rate of speed and then return to the previous spot at a lesser speed. This time the object sped off at an incredibly high rate of speed and disappeared into the night time sky. There were no clouds on either the 28th (first sighting) or the 2nd (second sighting) and i believe that while i was not around to see the second object it was infact a UFO judging by the description of the 2nd object compared with that of the first. I am 17 years old and i live in Virginia. Anyone who would like to discuss the event in further detail or who would like to relate a story similar to mine please feel free to email me.

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