September 2003

Big Round Lake North Of McGregor Minnesota Delta Shaped Craft

Date: September 2003
Time: 10:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 13
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Delta

Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, I'm 50 years old and live in a rural area 2.5 hours north of the Twin Cities and 60 miles west of Duluth.

Labor Day weekend in 2003, thirteen of us were sitting around our nightly campfire on the beach, talking and watching for satellites, as we are want to do. I heard what sounded like a high-flying airliner coming from the southwest, over my shoulder. My older brother suddenly stood up and said in a very concerned voice, "Mike, what the heck is that?". I looked up and saw a huge, black delta-shape coming right over the trees, directly over our heads. Everyone became very agitated. It was three inches wide at arms length and sported five very large and very bright red lights that were constantly on, spaced evenly across the leading edge. It had none of the 'normal' marking lights of an 'regular' aircraft. We're not used to seeing many aircraft in this area, especially after dark. Never this low to the ground.

It passed between us and at least two stars, and as the stars were completely covered, I know the craft had solid structure. It was flying much too slow for any airplane. I've seen the B2 bomber and this was similar in body shape, but again, the B2 would have fallen out of the sky at the speed this thing was moving.

Directly over our heads it made a very sharp 90 degree turn toward the east. This turn would not have been possible by any aircraft I know of, except for a helicopter. It didn't bank in the turn, just smoothly went through a 90 degree radius. I've never seen anything like it. It then began to rapidly pick up speed as it moved out across the lake and headed directly east, toward Duluth.

Suddenly, from across the lake, came two fighter jets, impossible to misidentify, due to their unique sound and speed. One of the witnesses, my nephew, was stationed in Germany years ago, and he flatly stated that the jets were using afterburners. They obviously had been scrambled from Minot ND to chase this thing down. Boy, were they moving!

We subsequently observed a total of 26 (!) military aircraft that night, which is totally unbelievable for this rural area. Just to be sure, I got out my binoculars and identified them as being fighters. They were flying so low that they were easy to see in the glasses when their lights would blink. Several of them came directly over our heads in two separate formations spaced one hour apart, as though trying to emulate the triangle itself (misdirection?). They didn't do a very good job of it, as they moved too fast and weren't in a tight enough formation.

I reported this sighting to NUFORC and later read accounts there from two separate witnesses 60 miles west of us, in Brainerd and Nisswa, that were very similar to our own. The sightings there were approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to our own.

Subsequently, my younger brother contacted the Duluth News Tribune and managed to convince a writer there to contact both the Air National Guard in Duluth and Minot Air Force Base. He was told there were NO EXERCISES on the night in question. He wasn't told it was classified information, or that something was going on, or that they didn't want to, or couldn't, comment. He was told nothing was in the air that night! The writer was intrigued by this and stated so to my brother.

The Duluth News Tribune also received calls from over 50 people in the Duluth-Superior area of similar sightings. The newspaper actually ran a small article detailing what had happened, and even used my brother's name in the article! He wasn't thrilled about that, but sometimes you have to suck it up.

One other very strange thing that happened the same night, about thirty minutes before the sighting, was that we heard what sounded like wolves or coyotes out in the woods, perhaps a quarter of a mile away. We have never heard this before or since, and we've been in the area for over fifty years. We later speculated that perhaps the UFO had landed in the woods, although we have no way of knowing whether this is true. When it came over our heads, it was so low, and flying so slowly, that you could certainly make a case for it having been down on, or near, the ground.

Was this UFO actually a 'new' terrestrial aircraft, or something else? It certainly was not a B1 or B2, a helicopter, or a dirigible. This UFO was sighted along a 120 mile line from Brainerd to beyond Duluth, by many witnesses in many different situations. The sighting was accompanied by many military aircraft that were "not in the air" according to official sources. The sighting was subsequently researched by a reputable reporter for a good-sized newspaper and an article was published.

All told, this was a very strange experience for us all, and I wish I could find someone who was interested in looking into this sighting more thoroughly. My wife was very afraid for several months following this, and still does not care to talk about it. The subject of 'our UFO' comes up often in conversations and we all still marvel at the uniqueness, and the power, of it. As I write this I get 'fresh' Goosebumps!

Please feel free to publish this on your website, as I welcome feedback from any interested party.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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