September 28th 2003

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: USA, Nashville, Tn. Downtown Nashville.

Date: 9/28/2003 1:30am cst.

Approach Direction: object had been hovering unseen for quite some time

Departure Direction: south.

Witness Direction: no witnesses

Description: My sighting was 2 yrs ago towards the end of Sept. It was in Nashville, Tn. One night while I was working as a security guard in a downtown parking garage. I used to work from 11pm to 7am monday night thru friday night. The parking garage was split 7 level parking garage that was connected by a crossing road. On of the lots was open to the sky, where I would starwatch every nite. I had been on the job for 2 mths, so had time to get very familiar with the star patterns changing, the airplanes, heliptors, and military planes that flew overhead sometimes.

This night inparticular was on a late tues. early wed. morning. It was very clear and due to the night in the week, Nashville was very quiet. I had just completed one of my rounds and decided to take a break. While I was looking at the stars, something told me to look towards the west, if your from Nashville I was looking in the direction of the Bicentennial mall. Up in the sky , to the right of the moon(which was full) was a red, billowy, entity that resemble a jellyfish. It had a silhoette-like movement. Very slow. It wasn't a cloud. I to this day don't know what this is, this wasn't my ufo. The was what I saw next.

After looking at this apparition, it disappeared. The something said look up, so I did. And as I looked up at this empty spot between the stars, after a minute a triangular ship appeared, very simular to the one sighted in Belgium. It had a site on each corner. It is very probable the what I saw was a holographic image that they had put there for me. It hovered for a minute, silently, than it to off and disappeared. I ran down to tell the 2 parking attendants but they didn't believe me. I didn't want to tell anyone else and be ridiculed. This was 2 yrs ago. I haven't been out at night alone anymore, and I don't watch the skies as much. I also tend to get a little nervous about certain clouds.

This isn't first time I have reported this, and i have never gotten a reponse. I would like for someone to please respond to at least let me know that my sighting had been received. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Color/Shape: Triangular, lights on each corner. Much like the one sighted in belgium.

Height & Speed: Approach time unknown. departure was very, very quick. 1:53am.


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