October 3rd 2003

UFOINFO E-mail Form Report

Name: Jennifer

Location: Manchester, N.H.

Sighting occured above McDonough Elementary School on Lowell Rd. near the exit 8 Wellington Rd. off Rt. 93 N

Date: 10/3/03


lasted about 25 minutes

Approach Direction: Overhead in a southern direction

Departure Direction: At first they were stationary, then they took off and made swirling formations

Witness Direction: south

Description: Large stationary objects emitting a pulsating or highly reflective light and among them were 2 off-white orbs that had a wrinkled or baggy appearance and looked like they had material streamers hanging from them...when they suddenly disappeared, a group of silver-white orbs, swarmed like a group of bees in tight, swirling formation...they went up and down, side to side and sometimes swirled like cream being stirred in coffee.

Color/Shape: While stationary they emitted bright blue light and appeared flat and the 2 wrinkled orbs that looked like a scoop of dirty clouds was off-white.

Height & Speed: higher than the school's roof top and some appeared even higher because their blue light appeared less bright.

TV/Radio/Press: No, which surprises me since channel 9 news is located in Manchester


Follow-up by Brian Vike

Dear Mr. Brian Vike,

I am a very logical person and have never witnessed anything like what I witnessed on October 3rd while doing recess duty. I will never look at the sky as a simple place in which only the sun, moon, stars and weather resides. I continue to contemplate any other possible theories, but none that I know to exist in my world fit.

That friday evening I found myself repeating tasks around the house that I'd already done...pouring water, watering plants, feeding the dog (he didn't mind), loading dishwasher, etc...All I could do was think about what I saw and how dumb I was to not try to find a camera or something to record what my brain couldn't believe it was registering...but I was in awe..as we all were...the lights were so beautiful...a three dimensional blue.

Regarding the distance...I was standing on a playground looking up at the 12 objects with blue lights and they seemed as high as a kite that was 1/2 way to its destination, but my mind was having a hard time making a correct distance and measurement judgment because I couldn't understand why there was a mist around them that shrouded their exact shapes...the sky everywhere else was blue and totally cloudless. They were the size of a hula-hoop when I looked at them in their floating position and the size of a quarter when the were in their silver-white swirling formation mode.

After 20 minutes the floating blue-lighted objects disappeared without a sound or smell...then I saw the silver-white round objects racing through the sky in tight formation...perfect alignment in swirling patterns, but it looked as though I was missing a visual frame as they moved, even though I'm sure I didn't blink that much...kind of like if you were to view cartoon animation stills and every 5th picture was missing...that's how they looked as they were moving high in the sky.

I had to bring the 150 4th grade students back into the building because the recess bell rang...the objects were still whirling around when I went inside. The other 2 adult witnesses...the principal and my assistant are choosing to believe it must have been weather balloons and a lost flock of birds that they saw that day, however I'm choosing to continue to question what I saw and believe that it was not of the world I am familiar with.

I don't live in Manchester, just work there as a teacher, so I have not met anyone else who may have glimpsed the objects. Would you please let me know if you recieved any reports similar to mine in the same area? Also, it must have shown on a doppler weather radar...doesn't anyone question these things? Please keep in touch and thank you for taking an interest in what I saw.

Also, I may visit Mr. Walter F...he lives one town over from Hollis in Milford...I guess I just want to hear an "I believe you" from someone...my family is full of skeptics.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]

NOTE: The original report (minus the follow-up report) was featured in UFO Roundup Volume 8 Number 39


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/031003.shtml