October 13th 2003

Original E-mail Form Report:

Name: Kevin

Location: Hampton-Varnville, SC USA

Date: October 13th 2003. 6:03 or 6:10am in the morning before daytime came around it was still dark outside.

Approach Direction: moving west

Departure Direction: none available

Witness Direction: north

Description: it looked like a white color sphere with no lights underneath.

Color/Shape: white sphere, no lights around it has it went farther away you could see as if the lights in the object came on and off or like someone inside had dimmed the lights as it went farther. I never saw it again after the lights went out.

Height & Speed: moving slow, about a mile away from where I was standing.

TV/Radio/Press: no sightings was found on T.V. at the time.

Follow-up by Brian Vike:

answer to question # 1 is, no I could not hear the object moving in the air there were too many background noises around me at the time, dogs barking at a morning time jogger , and frogs croking in the pond right next to me.

# 2 It was too far away to tell if it had lights around it only saw thw object with the naked eye.

#3 I believe it was a good 2 minutes before it vanished.

#4 from where I was standing looking at it it looked like a small pea. keep in mind this is looking at it from a far sight from the object.

# 5 no there were no other people to visualise the event just me and me dog.

# 6 it was traveling way up in the sky, I probably say as high as an airplane or higher would fly. could have been higher than this. not a altitutude kind of person.

can you tell me what it was that I saw because I got excited and told my wife of what I saw.

Thanks alot,


[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/031013.shtml