Huron, Ohio

November 8th 2003

Name: G.C.

Location: Huron, Ohio, U.S.A just outside of town, off of huron avery rd. looking towards huron river, just south of lake erie. in a partially wooded clearing, at the edge of a dead end road, is where it seemed to hover.

Date: 11/8/03 at 7:45pm local time

Approach Direction: southeastern

Departure Direction: northeast

Witness Direction: southeast

Description: me and about a dozen or so people were outside on the north side of a barn, attempting to wittness the lunar eclipse which was giving a decent view with just a few clouds. i walked around to the east side of the barn to relieve myself, and noticed an object in the sky, it resembled a large metal kite.

Color/Shape: i could see quite well, because of the moonlight. then it started to descend, my curiusity turned to fear when i seen it. disclike with rotations underneath

Height & Speed: approximately 100yds. slow descent almost floating. then hovering about 50ft. over a house. for about 2 seconds. moving east. then hyperdrived

TV/Radio/Press: no other reports heard of yet, please let me know of anything nearby, as far as i know i am the only witness. i can give a much better account, if wanted.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/031108.shtml