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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 22nd 2003 : Interstate 70, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: interstate 70, hills above pittsburgh pa. U.S.A.

Date: Nov 22 2003 12am-1:15am

Approach Direction: I was on interstate 70 heading towards ct from pa.

Departure Direction: object flew easterly direction

Witness Direction: I was driving east on interstate 70 and I was in the middle lane of a three lane highway, looking to my right the trees were 40ft or so from me. the trees were about a house and a half high.

Description: I was driving on interstate 70 and driving alone, i was in a blazer type vehicle. I had the atlas on the steering wheel and was doing about 60-65 mph. I looked to my right up above the trees and there was this intense light and i said to myself outloud what the, then i realized i had to be seeing a UFO, then i said holy shit. i looked to my rear lanes to see if anybody else was in the area seeing this. I looked to my right at the light which i could not see a shape behind it, i thought to myself take me up there so i can see you. I was not afraid at all, i was totally in awe. i figured it followed my distance along side me for maybe 3/4 of a mile,then whooosh, it flew straight above the tree tops at the most incredible speed i had ever seen. a year or so later someone had a tape of it over pittsburgh because it was on the news show....i wish i had a camera that night....

Color/Shape: white very bright light, no background shapes could be seen...

Height & Speed: didnt see approach, the departure speed if i had to guess the distance it was gone out of sight, 1.5 seconds for a distance of miles, would be my estimate..

TV/Radio/Press: someone else got it on tape and it was on UFO and crop circle show....