January 1st 2004

Name: Gary G.

Location: Skys over Orange County and into San Diego County, Ca

Date: 01/01/04 @ 12:15 - 12:45 Pacific time

Approach direction: from left to right or north to south, it was on the oppisite side of the horizon from the moon

Departure direction: to the south east

Witness direction: south

Description: we were celebrating the new years and one of the girls noticed two or three strange objects in the sky. we cam out of the house to see it. I seen as well as twenty-five others seen this bright object a little bit bigger and brighter than the stars but more of a yellowish than white. moving from left to right for about 7 min then strangly it stoped for about two min then moved again it repeated this three to four times. we are all adults about 22-34 were at our friends house for the new years, so it is not something we are making up. at the time of the accourance there were no civilian airplanes for the entire time of this thing. but there is something else that is real important. I heard fighter jets really high in to the atmosphere almost like if they were trying to get a better look but the thing in the sky was so much farther up than the jets. I was in the military for five years and I know I have seen some pretty crazy things in the Ft. Irwin Ca desert and missles launched from Edward AFB, but this was the most unbelivable thing I have ever seen.

Color/Shape: yellowish brighter than the stars, at the end of the sighting it almost changed direction or shifted the suns light but almost had a square shape to it.

Height & speed: pass the earths atmosphere

TV/Radio/Press: I wish I new someone else who seen this. I tryed to look on the internet to find info, but no luck! I could not have been the only one of all of southern california or maybe even north mexico to have seen this.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/USA/040101a.shtml