UFO Sighting Report - United States

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Henry Hudson Pkwy, Bronx, New York

February 2004

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Bronx NY, NY. Henry Hudson PKWY South@ toll plaza

Date: Feb, 2004

Time: 3:30pm start of rush hour

Number of witnesses: Possibly hundreds

Number of objects: 1 giant, skyscraper sized rectangular cube

Shape of objects: Rectangular cube with multicolored exterior looked like a disco ball and was slowly rotating. A CH47 helicopter was flying around it and disappeared behind it.

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear, visibility 10 to 15 miles. cold

Description: Partner and I left job site at 249th st., Riverdale section of Bronx to go to separate meetings. My partner took Fordham to the Deegan because his meeting was near Yankee Stadium while I took Henry Hudson Pkwy south, because mine was on the upper west side; 77th st. At that time, there is fast moving traffic South and I was caught by surprise by the sudden stop the cars in front of me made. Right on the approach to the toll plaza, on the bridge on my left (East) hovering above the river between me and the Deegan was an enormous "building" floating in the air. It was shimmering like a sequin dress but the colors were always changing, similar to a disco ball.

A Chinook helicopter that I had seen in the area for months patrolling the Hudson was approaching and orbiting around the object, disappearing behind it for a few seconds then coming into view again. The size of the object was of a 12 to 15 story building and was about level with the bridge which is about 150 above the water.

All of the traffic was stopped watching this thing and I was behind 4 or 5 cars in 2 lanes. The person in the car next to me rolled his window down and asked, "do you know what it is?". I told him I had no idea. Even though I had 2 cameras in my truck, it did not even occur to me to take a picture, as I was fixated on the thing.

I immediately radioed my partner to ask his location, which was opposite me on the Deegan. I asked him if he saw the "floating building" after I directed him where to look. He could see the helicopter but nothing else. I immediately took off when traffic allowed and got off at the next exit to try to drive under the object. While racing there, I phoned several people telling them to put on the news as I was convinced that thousands of people must have seen this and it would be on every channel.

Once I reached an area where I believed the object to be near, Broadway near Columbia U. I could not see it or the helicopter. I put messages on line looking for witnesses without giving any info on the shape, size or the helicopter. To this day I wish I had taken pictures or exchanged info with the people on the bridge.

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