February 20th/21st 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: James Island SC, At Sunrise Park,(Wampler Dr.) overlooking the Charleston Harbor

Date: February 20,or 21 around midnight

Approach_Direction: Coming from east of the cooper river

Departure Direction: appeared to fly over downtown,lost visibility, then reappeared overhead

Witness Direction: We were facing east,walking our dogs on the sand.

Description: My boyfriend and I saw 6 objects(that I argued to be a constellation) but then it moved, but stayed in formation until disappearing under haze(light pollution)over downtown.We continued to gaze for 10-15 minutes, and as we were getting the dogs into the truck, they reappeared overhead. I only mentioned this to a couple of people because most of my friends at school would think I was nuts! I am a Physics major so I will not say that what I saw was extraterrestial, because here in Charleston there are many air bases.

Color/Shape: Small,self-illuminated (star-like discs) I could not discern a definite shape

Height & Speed: When first observed, the 6 objects were stationary, but then "seperated" from the sky behind them and began to move fast,approching east


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