March 26th 2004

Name: Jill

Location: Bradenton, Florida, USA

Date: 03/26/04 19:50 PM Eastern

Approach Direction: From the west, headed east initially

Departure Direction: Southbound along the coast line

Witness Direction: West

Description: At approximately 19:50 PM while trying to find the 5 planet alignment near the moon, my 13 year old son and I noticed 2 saucer like shapes rapidly heading towards us (we face Palma Sola Bay/West). They were appearing to be racing one another but side by side, sometimes crossing each others paths. They were quite large, no blinking lights, no sound at all, greyish in color. When they were positioned just under the moon, they turned sharply and headed south. It looked like they briefly slowed down over the baseball park lights (which were on) and then rapidly headed southbound remaining next to one another but on occassion crossing paths. When they were side by side, they were in identical formation and going at the same speeds. Once or twice when they crossed it seemed they got out of synch but quickly went side by side again. We watched them head south bound until we could not see them any longer from our balcony. The sky was quite clear, some small, light clouds, temp. approx 73 with light breeze coming off of the bay. The shape of the crafts were somewhat almond-shaped, with some type of haze surrounding them, moving very, very rapidly. There were some distant planes in the sky but none of which were moving at any rate close to what these two crafts were going.

As for the size of the objects you'd have to know this info:

We (son and I) were facing due-west, as looking out onto Palma Sola Bay from our balcony on the second floor. I had a small map of the planet alignment that I was holding up and trying to relate Jupiter and Saturn to the left of the Moon. My son first saw the objects and yelled for me to put the paper down. They approached directly towards us but underneath the moon and were definitely closer to us than the planets and stars/Moon. I would say that they were rather large, much larger than a plane that's for sure but in width especially. I would venture a guess that they were maybe around an altitude of approx. 40 thousand feet or so, HOWEVER they seemed to pull back and forth quite a bit so maybe at some times were as low as 20 thousand feet and slightly higher than 40k ft.They darted up and down and horizontally directly in front of us for less than a minute and then darted over towards the baseball park, where they didn't go directly over, but went more towards the north side of the park and seemed to almost stop for another half a minute or so. Almost as if they hovered and then sharply flew north for a moment and then took a serious turn and headed south VERY quickly.An interesting note was the fact that one of these objects seemed more stable than the other. One was always crossing the other and seemed to want to stray but was pulled in next to the more stable object. I would also state that they were definitely following the coastline as they headed south. I have been reading up and found something very uncanny regarding our sighting here, to someone in Scotland. I've copied and pasted the reference....it's almost identical! (Source http://www.rense.com/general6/discsspotted.htm). Again, the objects seemed to glow greyish from within and emit a brownish haze that encompassed each.

Color/Shape: Greyish, illuminated from inside, no lights or trails, just surrounded by a brownish haze of sorts.

Height & Speed: At least 400+ incoming and greater when departing southbound.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040326.shtml