May 2004

Sumner, Washington Lights

Date: May (?) 2004
Time: 11:30 or 12 midnight

Last month my daughter (9 years old) and I got a terrible condition passed onto us by a puppy - it's embarrassing to say but we got sarcoptic mange. This puppy was really sick but we had no idea we could get it - not only did we get it but my neighbor down the street who took the other puppy got it and the friend that gave us the puppy got it too. Well, I had walked down the street to my neighbor's house to leave a note on his door that I got some medicine from the doctor's and had some left over for him. As I was walking back home, I was looking up to the sky which was clear, with only a few small clouds with lots of stars out. The thought went through my head that out of all the lights me and my friend (the one w/the videotape) see, most all are planes.

Just then, I crossed my yard to the front door and WOW, there was a super bright white light just beaming in the sky. The first thought I had was that it was awfully bright for a star - the planets had been aligned for weeks and I thought I had never seen the planets situated at that spot. I immediately ran in the house for my binoculars - I decided I was going to go up in my bathroom for a better view. The light had dimmed to a regular looking planet brightness but seemed to be in the same spot. I watched it and counted to 150 seconds when it slightly moved to the left - I could tell if it moved by watching the treetops. It moved a little more behind some steam that comes from the business in front of my apartment. It got hard to see...more time went on and it moved to the right behind some trees.

This is when I got irritated and out loud I said, "not behind the trees - I want to see you"....it just stayed there and it got bright and then dimmed so dim that it almost looked like a faint ring around the dim light - then suddenly it turned into 3 lights that were at a slant...these lights were blue, then it dimmed again almost to disappear and then bang, 3 lights at a slant again but they were bluish-green, almost turquoise - then the thing dimmed again almost to nothing and bang, there were 3 lights that turned bright orange -dimming again into just one white light which began to move to the right, slowly. I watched this thing slowly move to the right going towards Auburn but it only went so far and then bang - there were two bright white lights - soon I heard a train coming (I live right across the street from the train tracks). As soon as the train came, the one light blinked out and there was only one white light. My arm was getting tired of holding these old binoculars (they're old, my step dad gave them to me and they used to be his) - my arms were almost shaking because I had nothing to rest them against. I decided to stop watching this one light because it was moving so slowly and away from me - when I went downstairs, 2 hours had gone by! It still amazes me.

Additional Information below:

Now, I will try to answer your questions.

It all started with just one immensely bright white light that dimmed to look like a planet - it didn't twinkle, just white...when it moved to what looked like, behind the treetops - it was only that single light but it began to fade. It faded so much that all I could see was a faint haze that looked like a circle - it's hard to explain but it almost wasn't visible. After a few seconds, the area where the light was faded suddenly became 3 small balls of blue light, tightly together in a slanted position. I can't remember how many seconds went by when they all faded again to that hazy circle and then in the same position as the blue lights, they became bluish-green or turquoise (this color was so beautiful and odd to be seen in the sky, for me) - slanted and seemed to be exactly where the blue lights had been, few seconds later - they dimmed to one hazy circle (these hazy circles seemed to look grey to me, and then in the same slanted position as the earlier balls - they turned bright orange - after a few seconds, it was just a white light again and began moving towards Auburn.

The faint ring was all I could see of where the lights dimmed - they almost disappeared and there was no color, only a hazy circle that was kind of grey.

I'm not good at distance or direction (north, south, east, west) unfortunately - I must've been absent on those days at school...? All I know is that my binoculars are OLD, they used to be my step dad's and they aren't the best. I kept focusing in on things close to me so that I knew they would be focused better when looking further to the lights. The lights seemed to be near the treetops on the hill which I imagine would be North Hill Puyallup which goes into Edgewood and out towards Federal Way.

I did not hear any sounds other than cars going by - I live on (removed) which is a busy street in Sumner - and also heard the trains, can't help but hear those trains!

No, didn't hear any dogs or anything unusual but you know what was kind of unusual at that time was the lack of airplanes. I'm always watching the skies and I notice that sometimes they switch the flight patterns...there have been times when there aren't too many planes coming in from that direction to SeaTac Airport but at other times, it's crazy how many planes are coming in - seems they're one right after another but this night, I cannot remember seeing any planes for this whole time period - seems weird to me.

And yes, this happened in Sumner, Washington

The lights were like on the horizon, parallel with North Hill, Puyallup I was looking straight out my bathroom window towards the hill and up...that's why I thought it was so strange to see that bright white light in that position because it seemed too close and low in the beginning to be a planet or space station or satellite...?

I'm not positive but I think my home is about 26 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. BOEING is out in this area but the nearest facility still open is Renton which must be 30 or so miles away. Mc Chord AFB and Fort Lewis are a good 20 miles away towards Spanaway...but where I seen the lights the closest airports are Sea-Tac and Auburn has a very small airport, not for commercial airlines.

I do not remember the exact date and time of the sighting but I will check this out for you - I tried to draw what I was seeing while I was watching but I'm not good at that so I gave up...I could've written the date and time on it - I just have to find it. I also sent an email to my best friend that night and sent it to her so she may still have it since she doesn't clean out her email very often - I'll have to get back to you on that. I believe it started about 11:30 or 12 midnight and lasted until 2:00 a.m. but I'll have to find out the date for you.

You take care Brian and thanks for listening.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040500.shtml