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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 2004 : North Carolina

Over North Carolina UFOs Flew Directly Toward The Aircraft

Date: May 2004
Time: Afternoon.

Location of Sighting: Over North Carolina.
Number of witnesses:
Number of objects: Many
Shape of objects: Rods.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was traveling by air to Texas from NY and we stopped in North Carolina for an hour. We took off around 4:00 pm on the way to Texas. After about 15 or 20 minutes, the pilot announced we are at 22,000 feet. I had a window seat. A few minutes after, I noticed several dark patches of clouds. I never saw black clouds. They were 2 to 3 miles away to my estimation. These clouds started to take shape. They became very straight and they started to move slowly pointing towards the ground. Some were going upwards. They were about nine of them. They took form about 1 minute apart. I cannot exactly say how long these objects were, but they were not very long. I also noticed there was an object, just park there very still, to the far right, away from whatever was going on. You couldn't miss it. It was big. It just seems to be observing or directing. That object was disc shape, and it was black also. I looked towards the ground and I noticed smoke. I also saw lights flashing, something was on fire.

The pilot had to be seeing all of this, and I am sure some passengers too. The strange thing is, it seems like the plane took a very long time to get through that area of the sky. This experience lasted about ten minutes, but it seems like forever. At one point one of the rods turned towards the plane and there was a red light in front, and all you could see is that red light. You'll never know there is a long tail behind it. It came towards the airplane real fast. I saw it coming and I thought it was going to hit, so I crouch behind the seat in front of me but it flew over. I can't believe no one on the plane said something. They had to see it but only if they were looking out. I started to look around to see who else was observing this, but I didn't want to miss this strange event, so I didn't. It was an Air Tran plane I was on.

I told a few friends about it. This is something you really have to experience for yourself. I did not know what these things were, or what they are called until I saw some pictures on the internet which look almost exactly like what I saw. Not too long after that, we hit a bad storm and the flight became very rough, and scary too. We landed in Texas safe but late. I am 52 years old and do not drink. I am a flooring technician and very sane. All I can say is I know what I saw, but I do dot know what it is.

Thank you to the witness for relating this amazing experience.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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