May 16th 2004

Original UFOINFO Sighting Form Report:

Name: Yvette U...

Location: Fruita, Colorado, USA

Date: May 16, 2004

Approach Direction: Heading in a vertical direction--downward.

Departure Direction: Did not see a departure

Witness Direction: I was driving in my car west-northwest on Hwy 6 & 50 heading towards the town of Fruita, Colorado. I was approximately 2 miles from the city limits.

Description: It was night--9:20pm approximately. I was driving home after a class. I noticed something in the sky moving as I was driving. I slowed down from 45mph to approx 25-30mph so that I could see it longer, to gauge what it was doing. I noticed that it was shaped like a ball. It was round. But it wasn't like a perfectly cylindrically round ball, it was round in shape, but very brilliant--like a star almost. Sort of a fuzzy, shining, bright look, but very clear because it wasn't very far away. I was 2 miles from the city limits, and this ball-like shape was descending from the sky. Now, if you were inside the city limits, which has only a main street and another thoroughfare where you would cross the freeway over an overpass to get to the other side, where you would find several gas stations for those exiting off the I-70 freeway; so, not much going on in this very small town. This ball-like object was descending down from the sky in a vertical direction. I'd say at the point that I saw its descent begin it was approximately 1 mile upwards in the sky, descending very, very slowly. It would descend a bit, slow way down almost to a stop where it seemed to hover. It was sparkling from time to time. After its pause it would begin another descent again, repeating this over and over and over again until when it reached a very low altitude I began to really be concerned because it was clear that it was going to descend to the ground. I would say this object was maybe 1 mile past the freeway overpass. So, I'm approximately 2 miles from the city limits going IN to the city, the overpass is approximately 1/2 a block through the city, make a left, go over the overpass type thing, and the object, from my position driving towards the city, was descending approximately 1 mile beyond the freeway overpass, descending towards the ground. At the point that I came within the city limits the object descended at an extremely fast pace towards the ground to where I couldn't see it anymore. I assumed it was a UFO and I went home and told my family. I watched the news to see if anything had been found maybe. Whatever it was had crashed to the earth! It was not an airplane. Its size must have been maybe the size of a car, but a round brilliantly bright object. I couldn't make any silver, metal, or markings out when looking at the object, it was just a brilliant light, shining, dazzling, and flickering from time to time. ..almost blurry.

Color/Shape: The color was white light--almost yellowish white, but more like a brilliance, like a bright-bright light would be. Shape was round, perfectly round.

Height & Speed: Height when I first noted its descent was approximately 1 mile in the sky. Slowly descending. It would drop a little very very slowly...leaving a streak in the sky as it descended. Then it would pause, hover in one spot, no movement, no swaying, no bobbing--then, just suddenly, it would drop quickly, many, many feet, like 200 feet maybe more at one time, leaving the dazzling brilliant streak of light in its wake, hover some more, pausing for what seemed like 3 minutes, then dropping suddenly again. The streak it left behind reminded me for some reason of very very hot heat. Like something that was a gas that was released after a massive engine streaked through the air or something. Jet engines flying through the sky sometimes, during the day, will leave that streak of jet fuel in their wake, well this was almost as if it was the HEAT from that, but it was a white hot heat-streak. I've never seen anything like it.

Follow-up report from Brian Vike:

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your response to my posting. Yes, I'd be glad to answer your questions more thoroughly. This particular UFO sighting was actually the third one in my life. When I came across your website I was excited about reporting what I've seen; finally. I thought about posting the other two as well and will most likely. I remember them as vividly as if they happened yesterday! Regarding your questions, I've copy/pasted them into this email and I will answer them that way.

Q. - Could you please describe the weather. Was it Overcast? Raining? A clear night? Full moon?

A. - It was a clear night. I could see stars very clear in the sky. I'm not aware of whether it was a full moon or not as the moon would have been positioned behind me from the direction that I was driving. I could see this object even more clearly than a typically star-filled night because it took place just a mile from the freeway, out in the desert, upwards in the sky approximately one mile, so I could see everything clearly because there were street lamps on the freeway exit ramp, and gas stations just off the exit. This event happened just beyond everything approx. 1 mile, so I could see it fairly clearly.

Q. - Can you tell me approx: how long the whole event lasted for, from when you first witnessed it to you lost sight of it ?

A. - From the moment I noticed the object/ball falling to the time that I became alarmed when it disappeared towards the ground was a total of maybe 7 minutes. I had the impression at the time that it was damaged, for whatever reason. It just appeared to me that it couldn't stay up in the sky, so it was dropping a couple of hundred feet in altitude every 10 seconds; hovering, glowing in brilliant light, then dropping again. Like a yoyo that bounces down on the string, this descended from the sky much the same way.

Q. - Also were you able to see any aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting ? Before, during or afterwards. If there were, did any of them follow the flight path of the object ?

A. - There were no aircraft of any kind in the area near, or far from the object. This object was so low and was descending fairly fast at times, pausing at other times, but descending just the same in a vertical path towards the ground. An aircraft couldn't follow that vertical decent, but, I was aware that there weren't any aircraft even in the area. Even higher, where aircraft usually fly, I didn't see any. There was nothing in the area.

Q. - Could you please describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

A. - The area where I witnessed the object descending, and eventually dropping from the sky, was a desert area with hills and many plateaus and small mesas in the surroundings. There is a large mesa which we call "The Monument" and that is a fairly high mesa. This object was I'd say two miles east of the monument, descending in an arid desert region with small mesas and hills. No grass, there is the colorado river that runs through this region also. If it actually dropped from the sky and fell into the ground, which is what I was sure happened, because it had no where else to go, it would have had to fall into the desert. I was expecting a fire ball of some sort because it was a fairly large ball. It was I'd say 3 times the size of the New York City Ball that drops each year into Times Square that we see on TV. Now, there is an airport in the next town--Grand Junction, Colorado, of which Fruita is a suburb. Grand Junction is approximately 12 miles from Fruita, going East. If I were on the freeway heading East towards GJ, and were going to the airport from Fruita, I'd say the airport was approximately 15 miles from here. It's a small airport, capable of small jet airplanes landing. So there are typically aircraft in the air, many nights I observe the flight patterns and the skys are quite busy. But this night in particular, I looked for aircraft in the surrounding skys and didn't note any. In Colorado, and in this desert region surrounding Grand Junction, it is my belief that there are military installations but I'm unaware of their locations. I have heard that there are missiles hidden within the Bookcliff Mountains that surround the Grand Junction valley. I know this region is notorious for hosting research installations and military sites. We are positioned only 18 from the Utah border.

Q. - The trail or tail of light which was following behind, did you happen to notice if there was sparks, or anything like this present ?

A. - If you are watching TV and have noticed on occasion shows depicting a city scene, particularly a freeway scene where there are many, many cars and they're traveling very fast, and you see that streak of energy or heat tailing behind the vehicles? Or another place you might see this is in magazines where they capture traffic traveling fast and the camera captures the heat from the cars traveling? Well that's what it looked like when it was descending. It would hover, pause for maybe 5-10 seconds in mid air, eminating this brilliance from the object, almost sort of sparkling but more like an energy source eminating from it-resonating from it. Then it would descend, and in its wake would be this heat streak never separate from the object, but definately trailing behind it like a tail, until the object fell a couple of hundred feet at a time before pausing again; of course doing this over and over until falling into the ground. ..or falling somewhere. I didn't actually see it fall into the ground, but I did see it fall to the point where there was a small mound/mesa type hill and it fell directly behind that. This mesa that I witnessed the object descend behind was only 200 or so feet high. I could see this clearly and was alarmed and wanted to know where it fell to--almost driving over there, but fearing something may actually BE over there and I didn't want to see it, I wanted to be in denial and I made my turn towards my home at that point and told my family when I arrived. I looked at my clock in my car as in my other experiences with sightings on prior occasions, my clock had been affected. On this occasion it wasn't. There were no sparks coming from the object.

Q. - Are you aware of anyone else witnessing this event ?

A. - No I wasn't. There weren't any other cars near me traveling on this highway--there were cars in the town though and I came home and immediately turned on the news to see if anyone had reported anything. Since I didn't see anything on the news I didn't pursue it. It was 9:30ish at night--not many cars traveling in this small suburb of approximately 3,000 people.

Thanks Brian. If you have anymore questions I'd be glad to answer them for you.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040516.shtml