May 30th 2004

Names: Sally & Michael

Location: Discovery Bay, California, USA

Date: Saturday, 05/30/04, ~10:00 PM local

Approach Direction: object was departing, see next field

Departure Direction: South East

Witness Direction: South East

Description: I (Sally Sue) spotted a red object flying across the sky. I pointed it out to my husband (Michael)and we tracked it heading up in the atmosphere. After 15 -20 seconds it split in to two dimetrically spherical shapes and then disappeared. Michael said 'Oh Yeah, it's there, now it's two, it's disappeared!' Exact same thing as I saw.

Color/Shape: bright but deep red oval-diamond shaped object. First thought it was an airplane except it was all red and not the right shape or traveling at a normal speed (too fast)

Height & Speed: It was leaving the atmosphere, much higher than airplanes fly and going higher. Seemed to be going at a crusing speed until it split in two and then vanished instantly.

TV/Radio/Press: Haven't heard a thing, where do you hear about this kind of thing??


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040530shtml