June 2004

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Auburn, California, USA

Date: Around 22:30 local pacific time 06/??/01

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: East, toward the object

Description: From my bedroom, I see what appears to be an object shimmering like fire. I thought that if I was seeing a small fire on a hill that this is what it would look like. There were no hills tall enough in that direction. I walked over to my patio, where the object was still a distance away. The object was there for another minute or so and then suddenly stopped shimmering and just looked like a bright light. I could tell the object was starting to move east as it started to fade away. Within a few seconds, the object stopped moving in that direction and started to go up. Next the object started moving west towards my direction. This was all relatively slow, and it did not dart around. A few minutes later it was very close but not very low. The current altitude it was at though would have made an audible enough sound for me to hear. It was now at its point where it was directly alligned with my eye sight. It was a triangular object, flying with the point first. It had blue lights at the corners of the triangle and one almost directly in the middle. No blinking strobes or other lights. It did not move at a large amount of speed, but like a plane would.

Color/Shape: A dark body, triangular, blue lights.

Height & Speed: Altitude of around 600 feet. Possibly hovered for 10+ minutes. Moves back, stops, goes up, then forward towards me. Moving at a normal rate of speed, like a small plane would. Started in my east, flew west at the end.

TV/Radio/Press: No outside report was given to press or media.


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