June 2004

Bloomington, Indiana Unknown Craft - Video

Date: June 2004
Time: Evening

Hello Brian,

Witness: 1
Sky conditions: Overcast

This sighting was filmed by John, in June 2004, John filmed it with a Canon ES-900, Across the street from his house, in the western sky.

The object is actually Orange/yellow, it somewhat resembled the craft caught by Dusty Crites, on your webpage.

It was that shade of orange, the object hovered, for a few minutes, the traveled slowly from west to east. The object was vertical in the sky, and gave a bright orange glow, that you can't see in this footage. Only on the DVD and straight from the film can you see the true color and brightness of the object...

There is more footage where you can see the full duration of the clip.

Video clip Bloomington, Indiana Unknown Craft - Video 1.89 mbs

Thank you to John Tosti for the report, photos and footage.

Photos and Footage © AAARC 2005

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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