June 2nd 2004

I live in West Palm Beach, FL at on June 2nd at approx. 11:55 pm I walked outside. I noticed to my SouthWest a bright object and at first I thought nothing of it because I live near the airport. However I kept noticing that it would get really bright and then go dim to the point where I couldn't see it. I also noticed that it wasn't moving much. I was trying to be rational but when I went and grabbed my binoculars I saw something about this light that was pretty amazing ...

I saw 6 or 7 small red balls of light shooting downward out of this light or whatever it was. I then remembered a UFO documentary that I saw one time but I can't remember which one but it was exactly like the video that I saw on that show. The video showed exactly the same thing I saw and I remember in that video there were several people watching and making comments as these red balls of light were dropping/ shooting out of this object. Of course I called several newstations and at the time I called they had no reports of this but I clearly saw the "red balls" of light dropping out of the light or object.

Jeff K.

UFOINFO thanks Diane Harrison and AUFORN for sharing this report.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040602.shtml