June 12th 2004

Pahrump, Nevada Object Watched For Approx: 45 Minuets

Date: June 12, 2004
Time: Daytime

Hello Brian,

I live in Pahrump NV. The object was in the northwest sky toward California. But not in the normal direction of Vandenberg AFB. I will enclose the four pictures that I took that day. I'm sorry the quality is not great. I saw what I thought was a meteor, it was so slow that the four pictures I took were in the space of 45 minuets before I lost sight of the object.

The only reason I took pictures was because it was nothing like I have seen before. I have seen jet contrails in the sunset but this was so different and so slow. I might note I did receive an email from a gentleman in Stephens Point, WI. that saw a similar object on Jan 16. The 4 pictures are numbered in the order taken. Again I am sorry for the quality.

The photos © Madelyn Glunt 2005.

Thank you to Madelyn for sending along the report and photos.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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