June 17th & 20th 2004

Lost Pines, Central Texas

Date: Varies
Time: Varies

My wife and I have been seeing oddities for some time now, up here in the Lost Pines region of central Texas. On the June 17th at about 9:45 in the evening we we're watching shooting stars and satellites crossing the night skies, just like we always do when it is clear night. Well on this particular night we had just finished seeing quite a few satellites crossing paths, which was unusual.

When we both focused on a set of stars (we thought) shaped in a triangular fashion. That was when we noticed they (the 3 stars or lights ) were moving in unicent with one another, from North to South. The next nights we have seen almost directly overhead and to the South 20 degrees a very bright and stationary strobe like WHITE light very high almost in the distance of the satellites crossing, and it would flash about every 2-3 minute intervals in a stationary position. Last oddity that we have observed was on the 21st of June, just like every night watching the shooting stars and satellites. We were both watching all the satellites crisscrossing each others paths, mostly from North and South directions. When we caught a glimpse of a ( what we thought was another satellite moving from West to East. We watched it for about 8-10 seconds when it crossed a brighter star in it's path and did not continue beyond that point. Almost as if it docked. Both my wife and I are literally fascinated just how much unusual activity you can catch every night if you just take the time and enjoy it. We have also seen extremely bright white flashes that have lit up the top of the pine trees and from that center point have seen a very fast glowing object of some sort then streak Northward, and it wasn't a shooting star. We have seen to many in our life. Bottom line we are definitely not alone in this vast Universe. Just spend a hour each night instead of watching TV and look at the stars. You will be surprised just how active our night sky really is.

Eyes UP!

Thank you to the witnesses for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/040617.shtml